How to whiten armpit?

Published: 24th June 2011
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What are the most popular causes of blackening your armpits?

First is the anatomy and friction} of armpits against each other. Second, is shaving and plucking. Every time you shave or pluck you cause micro abrasions. When healed, these wounds cause darkening. I know many of us used that kind of activity because it’s easy to remove armpit hair. If you’re not aware of these, try to apply an alcohol on your underarms after you shave or pluck. It’s going to be very aching because of abrasions. It can also cause armpit hair to stand straight up and enlarge hair follicles, making it the appearance of chicken skin.

Waxing can also cause trauma to the skin, although the burn may be slight.

Some deodorants also cause an allergy and irritate your skin which results to dark armpits.

So, what is the most common way to whiten underarms? You can choose two things, either an inexpensive way or expensive.

For expensive way, you can go to dermatologist to check your armpit. Some dermatologist treatment is using peeling solution to get rid of the outer skin after which they will apply bleaching and you will continue it using at home.

Another way is an inexpensive natural whitening agent, using lemon, coconut oil, flour & curd, dried orange, yogurt, mashed potato, baking soda & tomato. These are the natural sources. Another also is the alum powder. Alum also works for controlling sweat and may lighten the skin a bit. But use this with caution as it may irritate the skin of some women.

Below are some techniques:

• Leave-on Lemon and Alum – Cut lemon crosswise and remove seeds. After taking a bath, rub the lemon on the armpit. Then, using a circular motion, rub powdered alum on armpits. Leave on.

• Lemon and Honey with Alum – Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon honey. Apply mixture to the armpits. Let it stay for about 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do this before taking a bath. You may also pat on some powdered alum afterward.

• Use coconut oil to wash the armpit every day. You can massage the affected area every night before going to bed. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E.

• For another remedy, mix a tablespoon each of gram flour and curd with a teaspoon each of turmeric and milk and apply this paste on your underarms. Leave it on till it dries and then rinse it away with cold water.

• If there is sweating and itching in the area, apply sandalwood paste to get rid of body odor and prevent skin rashes and infections. Regular application of sandalwood powder mixed with rose water also helps lighten the tone of the skin.

• Mix some dried orange peel powder with a tablespoon of yogurt and rub the affected area with this paste. This remedy is especially effective in lightening dark underarms if you have dry skin.

• You may also use the juice of a raw mashed potato or simply slice it into thin pieces and apply this on the underarms. The juice of potato has natural bleaching properties, which help make dark underarms brighten

in complexion.

• Rubbing the underarms with a little baking soda every day after bathing is also useful in treating dark underarms.

• Also, rub the slices of a tomato in circular motions over the area for 10 minutes every day to lighten dark underarms.

Your underarms may go back to its normal skin color but you have to avoid factors that causes darken underarms. Do not use deodorant that can irritate your skin. Wash your underarms regularly, use water and soap. Change your clothes when you’re wet.

After trying these tips to make your dark underarms white again, you’ll be wearing those spaghetti straps and tank tops in no time!

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